TIme Travel through past legacies of Bengal

West Bengal has an extremely eventful historical background. To revive those moments one has to go the remains of the relics of the British empire, the Moghuls, the traces of Vaishnav and other cultures which had a lasting effect on the people. The tourists can look with awe on the terracotta work on the walls of temple and mosque, the fusion architectures and the colonial homes. It is in Bengal where you can see Vaishnav Temples, English Mansions, Zamindar Palaces, Jew Synagogues, Parsee Temple, Greek cemetery, Scottish Church, Chinese temples and many more. We have many packages to take you through time travel through heritage Bengal.

  • Terracotta Temple

Ras Mancha

Heritage Tour of Bishnupur

3 days

A heritage tour of BIshnupur and its outskirt a...View More

Chika Masjid

Malda Heritage Tour

2 days

Time travel at the ruins of medieval capital of...View More

Baul at Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan and around

3 days

Showcasing the legacy of Tagore and heritage sp...View More


Berhampore and Murshidabad

3 days

A tour to the relics of Bengal before PLassey

Cooch Bihar Palace

Coochbihar Tour

2 days

Coochbihar Heritage Mansions & Relics

Dupleix Palace, Chandannagar

Little Europe Tour

1 day

A day long journey to colonial settlements of D...View More