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When you are trekking in Ladakh you will feel tha there's a whole different world waiting to be explored under your hiking boots. You hike among little hamlets, walk through remote valleys and marvel at isolated Buddhist monasteries high up in the cliffs. Even though you haven't left India, trekking through this unique tapestry of colours and cultures will make you feel that you've been transported to another world. With its uneven terrains and picturesque locales, Ladakh offers an exciting mishmash of scenic charm and challenging heights to adventure enthusiasts. But such virulent conditions have not shaken the determination of a traveler to avoid challenges posed by nature. Also it is very easy to find overnight accommodation in villages. On our treks to Ladakh you will get more than what you had imagined, not only in terms of the stunning landscape but also the Ladakhi people.

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Spituk to Stok Trek

7 days

A beginners High Altitude Trek


Chadar Frozen River Trek

14 days

One of the most thrilling trek of Ladakh